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Is C P Whitaker accepting new therapy clients?

Regretfully not at this time. This site, and all others offered now and in the future under the umbrella of Centered and Balanced PLLC and, is designed to be primarily informational in nature and intent. Sign up for the newsletter to not only keep up with new content but also upcoming sites from C P Whitaker about other meaningful life issues and challenges. Several times a year you will receive email invitations for group workshops, seminars and retreats, but I regret that I am unable to interact with, or provide services to, readers/subscribers individually. I encourage you to share your personal stories through the website(s) and to use the information to educate yourself and others, build your personal coping skills toolbox, open dialogues with your friends and family, and above all else – to breathe and to laugh.

Why do I see the same blogs on other sites?

C P Whitaker is a psychotherapist with over 20 years experience working with individuals and groups; children, adolescents, families and adults.  As she nears the end of her private practice career and shifts towards sharing what she has learned with a larger, broader audience she is developing a digital “hub” of information, guidance and skills to tackle a number of life’s issues and challenges. Menopausal Militia is the first of these offerings. As other topics are added they will eventually be housed under the umbrella of – you will eventually be able to navigate there by clicking the iconic “cube” at the top of any of the website pages. Almost every site will start with the basic building of personal coping skills. Let’s face it, good advice is good advice and there’s nothing like a solid foundation to build on. So yes, you will find many of the same coping skills blogs across all these sites but also plenty of topic specific information as well.

How can I contribute content to this site?

There are three opportunities for readers to contribute to Menopausal Militia.

  1. On the Your Stories page there is a Care to Share form for sharing your personal menopause story whether you were drafted or enlisted.
  2. At the end of every Blog article there is an opportunity to add a comment. This is an excellent place for sharing a *brief* comment about how this information impacted you; or once implemented, how it worked for you. Understand that skills and techniques take time to be successful so don’t throw in the towel too soon! We reserve the right to edit your comments for clarity and brevity while leaving the intent of the message intact. At this time C P Whitaker cannot often respond directly to comments.
  3. If you have some menopause related humor you would like to share – a joke, a picture, a meme, a video – please use the form at the bottom of this FAQ page. Be sure to give proper credit to where you found it (another Blog, Pinterest, FB etc). We cannot promise to use it, or we may receive the same submission from 50 people and cannot give a single person credit for submitting it, but we will do our best.
Attribution of Credit

If you happen to be familiar with the Enneagram, my dominant personality type is One. Like any of the other personality types, Ones have their fair share of issues and challenges on our way to being our best selves. Ones though, are driven by a deep-seated integrity identity. We will make ourselves sick with worry if we think we have “done something wrong”.

That being said, it is of great concern to me that I might unintentionally state, quote or propose ideas or concepts on this site where I either don’t know the source or that I believe it to be an original idea only to learn that I am mistaken.

Over the course of a career totaling 30+ years I have developed quite a bit of original teachings; and have also been exposed to all manner of information from a wide range of teachers and sages far brighter than I am. It is my intent to curate what I have learned and pass it along to readers through my own style of teaching. If at any time a reader believes an offering on this site is wrongly credited, please send evidence of the original source to so that the correction can be made and apologies issued.

Just love this site and want to make a gratitude contribution/donation?

Music to my ears and warms my heart. Moment of honesty here: as I slowly close my individual private practice and make the shift to “digital teacher” I am ALL kinds of anxious. Social security may not exist as we know it by the time I get to full retirement, I have no pension, no 401k and here I am venturing out into the great unknown. I have much to teach and I love to write but I know nothing about technology, digital whatchamacallits etc. I have an amazing team with Emerge Multimedia but funny thing is they keep sending me monthly invoices, LOL. So far, this adventure has been nothing but an expense, so if you can keep me writing I will be forever grateful ♥♥. Find the Donate buttons scattered throughout this site and in the footer. Namaste – I bow to you.

Interested in advertising on Menopausal Militia or across all our future sites?

Glad to hear it! We feel strongly that advertisers be solid, responsible individuals or companies. We in no way support clickbait advertising or any other advertising that is not directly related to our audience’s interests. The options are too many to list here so please reach out to and let’s talk.

May I repost some of your original material/blogs on my site?

First step is to reach out to us at and tell us a little about yourself and your site. Keep in mind that we will likely ask that you do all or most of the following:

  • Include C P Whitaker’s bio at the end of the article and link back to this page
  • Keep any links in the reposted article intact
  • Keep the original name of the blog/article intact as well as the byline and include a link back to this site
  • Please state that the blog/article was originally published on this site

Some of the above can be accomplished all in one line, we’ll help with that

My work is copyrighted, but I am glad to share it with your readers if you are willing to honor these few requests

Do you sell through Amazon?

This site has its own Store where we offer Menopausal Militia merchandise. And as we grow, each site will have a site specific store and the hub at will eventually have a store that includes merchandise from all the sites. Our only relationship with Amazon at this time is through their Affiliate program. You may find links within blogs and articles for relevant books and/or merchandise that we recommend or you may go to our Resources page to view our Affiliate link disclaimer and to see all those recommendations in one place.

Having trouble with this site?

Try refreshing your browser. If that doesn’t work leave and X out of site altogether and come back in. Still trouble? Restart your system. If none of that works it may also require you working with your service provider to resolve. We will do our best to alert readers when we are experiencing technical difficulties on our end.

Have a serious issue not addressed in the above FAQs?

Reach out to us with your concern at we will get back with you as soon as we are able. Thanks!

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