You may have noticed in the declaration poem on the home page a reference to being “drafted” into menopause versus being “enlisted” into menopause. We wanted to be certain to acknowledge and provide resources for the women who are not “of a certain age” but find themselves a part of this sisterhood ahead of schedule and sometimes unexpectedly and frighteningly so.

Drafted – You have entered this stage of life and your body simply takes over. You have no choice in the matter. It is happening whether you like it or not. Some women go sadly and reluctantly into menopause while others embrace it fully and are glad to be moving beyond their childbearing and menstruating years. For a deeper understanding of how you are ‘drafted’ go to THIS page of the NAMS (North American Menopause Society), a very reliable source for medical information regarding menopause.

Enlisted – You have made a conscious choice to initiate menopause ahead of schedule usually due to a health issue that necessitates it. Or menopause has been induced as a ‘side effect’ of a treatment regimen for a medical issue. Your gynecologist, oncologist, healthcare provider and/or surgeon has acted as your “recruiter” and together you have decided this is your best option. The decision is not made lightly and can be traumatizing for some women even if the treatment or surgery alleviates serious pain, bleeding or is, in the case of certain cancers or other illness, lifesaving. Entering menopause significantly ahead of schedule has its unique challenges. For a deeper understanding of how you are ‘enlisted’ go to THIS NAMS page.

However you may have joined this sisterhood – this “militia” – we are here to provide you a soft, safe and supportive place to land filled with information, resources, skills, guidance, humor and shared experiences to help you and your loved ones through the tough times. Come back as often as you need and share this site and information with your friends, family and ‘comrades in arms’.