Circle – This is the most important element of our sigil, our badge, our emblem. It symbolizes the bond that unites all of us. Common experience. Have you ever been in a perfectly cool room, suddenly burst into flames and then caught the eye of a woman across the room fanning herself or self consciously dabbing the sweat off her brow? That knowing look, the smile and the nod you exchanged? That is the bond. You are a member of a worldwide sisterhood that surpasses all boundaries – race, ethnicity, nationality, political affiliation, education, socioeconomic status, marital status, sexual orientation, mental health, physical abled-ness, Myers-Briggs personality profile, food allergies , inies/outies – menopause unites us all. We may be the largest cohesive group of humans on the planet.

The Double M Mountain Range – This symbolizes the ups and downs of this stage of a woman’s life. It’s mercurial and unpredictable. At times, the best strategy is to simply hang on as it is certain to swing in the other direction before you know it. The mountains also represent the importance of developing a strong foundation and learning how to ground oneself. Think of yourself as a mountain and all of your physical and emotional menopause symptoms as weather fronts. Stay strong, they will pass.

Green Mountainside – This symbolizes middle ground. A steady state. A place of calm respite between storms. This is your emotional temperate zone where everything works – your memory, your mood, your critical thinking skills. Here you are most likely to breathe, meditate, exercise, hydrate, eat healthy and sleep through the night. You feel stable, rational and for the most part you like everyone around you.

Snow Caps – This symbolizes one of the two major attitude and emotional shifts of this stage of a woman’s life. With little warning you will turn cool, aloof and indifferent towards everyone and everything. Your mantra becomes “So, why should I care?” accompanied by a shoulder shrug and/or an eye roll. You retire to your favorite spot in the house to read and eat ice cream. Everyone knows not to bother you. The snow caps also represent your possible “frigid” loss of sexual desire. ‘Nuff said.

Fire and Flames – This element of the emblem is probably the best known attitude and emotional shift of menopause. Hot flashes and night sweats. “I’m burning up! Get away from me! Don’t touch me!”. “What’s wrong with the AC? Who touched the thermostat?!”. It also represents the sudden desire to incinerate anyone in your path, especially significant others, and even more so if they dared touch the thermostat. Inexplicable bouts of rage can wreak havoc on interpersonal relationships.

Sun and Blue Sky – This represents hope and better days to come. Menopause is only a life stage, it is not your whole life. There is always something to be grateful for even if it’s only that you haven’t hurt anyone today. Yet.

Menopausal Militia Emblem